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The deformation measuring system ARAMIS® is used for measuring three-dimensional deformation and strain distributions of real components under static or dynamic load in materials.


  • Material testing & strength assessment
  • Component dimensioning
  • Examination of non-linear behaviour
  • Characterization of creep and aging processes
  • Determination of Forming Limit Curves (FLC)


  • Simple preparation of the specimen because ARAMIS works on both, random and regular patterns.
  • Large measuring area from small to large objects (1 mm up to 1000 mm)
  • Strain can be measured in the range of 0.05% up to several 100%.
  • High data point density.
  • Good understanding of the component behaviour by the use of graphical representation of the measuring results.
  • Highly efficient and flexible system due to a compact measurement set-up and highly developed analysis software.



CCD Cameras

Force Travel Curve

Tensile Test (Strain Mapping)