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The deformation measuring system ARGUS® is used for post-deformation strain mapping in materials. The system records an object after load using CCD cameras.


  • Detection of areas with critical deformation
  • Solving complex forming problems
  • Optimization of stamping processes
  • Verification of stamping tools
  • Verification and optimization of numerical calculations


  • High accuracy and high data point density.
  • The evaluation speed and the convenient graphical user interface provide excellent productivity enhancement in sheet metal forming processes.
  • Flexible measuring area allows unrestricted measurement of small subareas up to large and complex parts.
  • A calibration of the system or an adjustment to the optical properties of the specimen is not required.
  • Fully automatic identification and the determination of the points as well as the calculation of the strains on the specimen.
  • High level of consistency of the measuring values due to automatic calculation routines.
  • An interactive intervention in the processing is possible but not necessary.
  • Due to the compact design the system can be transported easily.

ARGUS Images


ARGUS Strain Mapping

ARGUS Local Strain Mapping