MML Facilities

Formability Tests Equipment

The formability tests equipment include: cantilever bend tester, draw bead simulator, hydraulic bulge tester, instron (10 kN), instrumented three-point bendability tester, and MTS frame (100 kN) with high temperature furnace.

Cantilever Bend Tester

The Cantilever Bend Tester is used to obtain additional load versus bend angle data during bending of metal sheets.

The equipment is composed of a rotating round block mounted on a fixed cylinder with spherical bearings.

The crosshead of the test system is attached to a rotating round block on the cantilever bend rig.


Draw Bead Simulator

The Draw Bead Simulator is used for:

  • Determination of coefficient of friction and galling behaviour of sheet materials in a simulated drawing operation
  • Evaluation of process and materials characteristics - lubricant, tooling, alloy microstructure,etc., on drawing behaviour.


Hydraulic Bulge Tester

The test rig is used to deform sheet materials into hemispherical dome shapes using hydrulic fluid for the assessment of their stress-strain behaviour under biaxial stretching conditions.

The rig uses an external pump for clamping and a separate hydraulic loading system for pressuring the chamber underneath the sheet specimen for bulging.


Instron (10 kN)

The system is used to perform strength, peel, shear tests; measure yield, modulus and tensile properties.

It contains select frames to load capacity needed, and also tension & compression modes.
Basic features are constant speed and load control.


Instrumented Three-Point Bendability Tester

The Instrumented Three - Point Bendability Tester is used for bending sheet materials in a three-point bending mode up to the onset of fracture.

The device was designed to detect the friction effects at the work piece/punch corner interface.


MTS Frame (100 kN) with High Temperature Furnace

The system is used to perform compression, tension high temperature tests, measure material behaviour as a function of temperature.

It contains select frames to load capacity needed, tension & compression modes, and also high temperature furnace.

Basic features are constant speed ,load and temperature control.