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Interlaken Press

The following figures provide features, and information on the Interlaken press. The Interlaken Model (3360-150-115-24-HP) metal formability test machine includes:

  • Load frame assembly (test space accepts die sets up to 36’’,wide by 30’’ deep by 24’’)
  • Clamp actuator assembly (150,000 lb total capacity,14 inch stroke)
  • Punch actuator assembly (rated for 150,000 lbs)
  • Hydraulic service manifold



Process Parameters Monitoring


Draw bead clamp fixture and draw bead tooling:


Limit Domain Height Die Set:

Marceniak Die Set:


Interchangable Beads:

Interchangable Punches:


Universal Die with Marceniak Punch:

Tensile Grips with Extensometer: