MFL Graduate Theses

D. Zdravecky "Formability and Fracture of Strip Cast Automotive Aluminum Sheet" Masters Thesis in progress 2005
A. Syed "Tool Wear Characteristics of Coated Tools at Large Production Runs" Masters Thesis in progress 2005
T. Lim "Springback Prediction during V Bending of High Strength Steels" Masters Thesis in progress 2005
G. Gavrilidou "Optimization of Tube Hot Forming Process for Polymeric Tubes" Masters Thesis in progress 2005
E. Azhikannickal "Material and Process Models for Hot Forming of Polypropylene Tubes" Ph. D. Thesis in progress 2005
M. Elnagmi "Structure-Property-Process Relationships during Hot Forming and Fracture of Extruded Polypropylene Tubes" Ph. D. Thesis in progress 2005
Q. Situ "A New Method for obtaining FLDs from Hemispherical Punch Test Load Versus Displacement Data" Ph. D. Thesis in progress 2005
Y. S. Kim "An Analysis of Capstan Friction Test and Development of Friction Models for FE Simulations of Sheet Forming" Ph. D. Thesis in progress 2005
Q. Situ "Study of Trimming Process in Automotive Aluminum Alloys" Masters Thesis, September 2003
Y. S. Kim "A Finite Element Study of Four-Point Bending Creep Tests" Masters Thesis, May 2002
D. Y. Dai "Material Properties From Miniature Punch Test and Finite Element Analysis" Masters Thesis, March 2002
D. Tsoi "Texture Evolution in Cold Rolled Low Carbon Steel Sheet and the Development of Some Corresponding Anisotropic Yield Functions" Masters Thesis, May 2001
K. Shaw "The Development of Texture at Intermediate Stages Of Cold Rolling in Low Carbon BCC Steel" Masters Thesis, May 1999
Z.Yin "The Bending Under Tension Test: A Theoretical and Experimental Study" Masters Thesis, July 1996
H. J. Lau "A Numerical and Experimental Investigation of the Deep Drawing of Square Cups" M. Eng., July 1996
L. Zhao "Limit Strains in Sheet Metal Forming - A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation" Masters Thesis, December 1993
W. W. Tse "Mechanics of Bending and Springback of Sheet Metal" Masters Thesis, September 1985
D. F. Jonasson "The Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of Sheet Metal Ironing" Masters Thesis 1985
R. Narayansamy "Wrinkling when Deep Drawing through Conical and Tractrix Dies" M. Eng., May 1983
E. W. Chu, "New Horizons in Computer-Aided Design of Sheet Metal Stampings" Ph. D. Thesis, September 1983
M. Karima "A Bifurcation Study of Wrinkling in Deep Drawing" Ph. D. Thesis, July 1980
E. W. Chu "Geometric Modelling of Sheet Metal Stampings" Masters Thesis, December 1980
J. A. Forster "Rate Effects in Bulk Forming" Ph. D. Thesis, December 1978
A. K. Bansal "Stretch Bend Testing of High Strength Low Alloy Sheet Steels" Masters Thesis, January 1977
B. K. Sareen "Study of the Formability and Fracture of Aluminum Alloys" Masters Thesis 1976
H. F. Hussein "The Rotary Forging Technique" Masters Thesis, June 1975
H. V. Minh "Variation of Sheet Metal Formability in Biaxial Stretching Processes" Ph. D. Thesis, March 1974
T. Gjenero "A New Technique in Rotary Forging" Masters Thesis 1974
B. Sambasivan "The Influence of the Die Profile on the Mechanical Properties of Drawn and Extruded Commercially Pure Aluminum" Masters Thesis, January 1974
H. S. Sandhu "Bi-axial Testing of Zinc and Zinc Alloy Sheets Under Superimposed Hydrostatic Pressures" Masters Thesis, July 1973
A. R. Ragab "Rate-Dependent Machanics of Superplastic Processes" Ph. D. Thesis, June 1973