Our Research

General Sheet Stamping

The following images help illustrate the general sheet stamping area of our research.

Stamping Parts

Formability Analysis of AA 5754

Experiments were carried out in a Macrodyne 900/600/300 Ton Triple –Acting Hydraulic Press. All aspects of system operation were under computer control using control software. Nine actuator loads and movements are under closed loop control. The experiments were performed on commercial A 15 C aluminum alloy sheet. The CAD Modeling was done using I–DEAS and Simulation was performed using DYNAFORM.


CAD model

Geometry of the s-rail part


Effect of the cushion force on strain intensity diagram

Punch Force Diagram for the 70-ton Cushion Force and Binder Force Path Diagram
(for the 70-ton cushion force)

Effect of the Cushion Force on Thickness Rate

Springback Diagram for Different Blank Holder Force

Blank Design and Result of Dynaform
Simulation for S-Rail


Blank Deformation

Deformed blanks

Cushion force and flange angle