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Formability Test: Limiting Dome Height Test

The Limiting Dome Height (LDH) test simulates the common failure strain states in sheet metal forming processes.

The test provides:

  • Limiting dome height
  • Fracture limit curve
  • Forming limit diagram



In this test, rectangular blanks of varying widths are clamped firmly in the longer direction and stretched over a hemispherical punch, thereby varying the transverse constraintto control the amount of lateral drawing-in. Thus, the minor strain in the failure region can be changed from a positive state to a negative state.

The height of the dome at a maximum load (near failure) is used as a measure of stretchability.

LDH set of hemispherical and Marceniak punches

LDH die set with reduced diameter
of the punch(2.5 inch)


Test rig

LDH Test Model

Click the above image to view a movie

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