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Sheet Metal Forming: Trimming

Trimming process is an essential method to achieve desirable cutting quality with designated parameters. Factors that affect the cutting qualities lie in material property (mechanical & thermal properties, microstructure, geometry), operation parameters (punch velocity, clearance), tooling conditions (tool wear, lubrication, fixture).

Current research interest is a study of these factors with Finite Element Analysis & Simulation techniques.

Trimming Test Setup


Continuous Trimming

  • Sheet Thickness: 1mm
  • Punch Velocity: 1mm/s
  • Clearance 0.02mm
  • Complete Separation
  • With Upper Part

Interrupted Trimming

  • Sheet Thickness: 1mm
  • Punch Velocity: 1mm/s
  • Clearance: 0.02mm
  • 31% Punch Penetration
  • With Upper Punch Holder

Bending Effect Test

  • Sheet Thickness: 1mm
  • Punch Velocity:1mm/s
  • Clearance: 0.02mm
  • Without Upper Punch Holder


Results of Simulation Obtained in ABAQUS


An experimental and numerical investigation of the trimming behaviour of automotive aluminum sheet is being carried out with the objective of understanding the effect of various trimming process parameters on the quality and performance of the trimmed edges during subsequent forming operations.

Longitudinal Specimen

The research involves mechanics based studies of the shear zone development and burr formation as a function of trimming process parameters; punch-die clearance, trim angle, trim tool radii and material parameters; work hardening behavior, pre-strain etc.


In addition, microstructural studies are undertaken of deformation and damage in the through-thickness shear zone in AA6111-T4 and AA5182-O automotive sheet materials.

Further, analytical and finite element modelling of the trimming process is being carried out to study the effect of various process and material parameters on the deformation behaviour in the shear zone.

Sheet Thickness: 1mm, Clearance: 0.2mm,
Blade Velocity: 1mm/s, Sharp Radius

Sheet Thickness: 1mm, Clearance: 0.025mm,
Blade Velocity: 250 mm/s

Sheet Thickness: 1mm, Clearance: 0.025mm,
Blade Velocity: 1 mm/s