MSL Facilities

MSL has a variety of facilities and experimental setups.
Please view this file for detailed information on our testing equipment.

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Milling Centres

Mori Seiki NMV1500DCG Mori Seiki NMV1500DCG
Max. Feed Rate: 50m/min
Spindle Power: 15 HP
Max Spindle Speed - 20,000 RPM
Five Axis Machining
FANUC Controller

Makino MC56-5XA Makino MC56-5XA
Rapid Feed Rate: 15m/min
Special High Power: 40 HP Spindle
Max Spindle Speed - 15,000 RPM
Simultaneous 5-Axis Control
FANUC 16 Control
Movement Increment 0.0001mm
Maximum Travel X:510mm Y:635mm Z:635mm
High Pressure Through Spindle Coolant and Air

Matsuura FX-5G Matsuura FX-5G
Rapid Feed Rate: 25m/min
Spindle Power: 27 HP
Max Spindle Speed - 27,000 RPM
High Precision, High Rigidity
FANUC 15iM Control, 20 Tool ATC
Maximum Travel X:1020mm Y:560mm Z:400mm
Probe Measuring and Positioning System

Matsuura LX-1 Matsuura LX-1
Rapid Feed Rate: 90m/min
1.5G Rapid Feed Acceleration
Max Spindle Speed - 60,000 RPM
Linear Motors on All Three Axis
Ultra High Precision
FANUC 15iM Control
Maximum Travel X: 500mm Y:500mm Z:300mm

Okuma Cadet-Mate Okuma Cadet-Mate
Max. Rapid Feed Rate: 20m/min
Spindle Power: 15 HP
Max Spindle Speed - 8,000 RPM
Maximum Travel X:1016mm Y:508mm Z:523

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Turning Centres

Boehringer VDF 180CM Boehringer VDF 180CM
Spindle Power: 50 HP
Max Spindle Speed - 4,500 RPM
10m/min Axes Feed Rate
12 Station VDI 40 Turret

Nakamura SC450 Nakamura SC450
40 HP Wide Output Spindle
Spindle Speed - 2,500 RPM
12m/min Rapid Axis Feed Rate
Slant Bed Design, 12" Diameter Chuck
Laserline 2.0 KW Diode Laser System

Okuma Crown-S, BB Okuma Crown-S, BB
OSP Control System
Max. Spindle Power: 24 HP
Spindle Speed - 3,500 RPM
20m/min Rapid Feed Rate
10" Diameter Chuck

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Water Jet Systems

Flow AF-6080 Flow AF-6080
Cutting Table: 6' x 8', Z-axis adjustability: 24"
Allen Bradley Series 9 Control System
Contouring Speed: 400 ipm

Flow Bengal Flow Bengal
Cutting Table: 20" x 40", Z-axis adjustability: 5"
FlowMaster Control System
Speed Range: 0 - 300 ipm
Cutting Pressure: 60,000 psi

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Micro Machining

Freeform 7000 Freeform 7000
Rotary C-Axis, Rotary B-Axis
High Speed Turbine Grinder
SP-90 Diamond Turning Spindle
LVDT Tool Set Station, Optical Tool Set Station
Tool Air/Lube System
Air Temperature Control System

Nanoform 300 Nanoform 300
Interchangeable Spindles
General Purpose Vacuum Chucks
Precision Grinding Attachments
Rotary "B" Axis, 10mm "Y" Axis
Adjustable Tool Holders
Optical and LVDT Tool Setting Systems
On-Machine Form Measurement and Error Comp.

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Walter Helitronic Power Series Tool Grinder Walter Helitronic Power Series Tool Grinder
Double Ended Grinding Spindle
Oil Coolant Systems
HMC 500 Control With Pentium Processor
Automatic Tool Probing System

BLOHM Planomat 408 CNC Surface Grinder BLOHM Planomat 408 CNC Surface Grinder
GE Fanuc 18i control
Contour/creep-feed grinding capability
15 kW spindle
Grinding speeds up to 165 m/s
30 m/min. maximum table feed rate

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Mitutoyo DHN-800 Mitutoyo DHN-800
Resolution: 0.0005 (mm)
Maximum Speed: 1040 (mm/s)
Measuring Speed: 20 (mm/s)
Maximum Acceleration: 1.0 (g)
Scale: Metal Linear Scale
Guide: Linear Bearing
Measuring Space: X-1000 (mm), Y-600 (mm) Z-800 (mm)

Zeiss Prismo 900 with VAST measuring head Zeiss Prismo 900 with VAST measuring head
Solution Software Library
Probing Technology (VAST)
900/1200/700 XYZ
Full Scanning Capabilities
1000pt a sec. and 3" a sec.
Caliber up to 2 Microns

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EDM System

AGIETRON Impact 2 Ram-type EDM System AGIETRON Impact 2 Ram-type EDM System
Windows-based Agievision 2 control
4 servo controlled axis
Freely definable 2- & 3-dimensional
orbital/vector movements
72 A power generator

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Test and Measurement

HP Laser Interferometer
HP Dynamic Signal Analyzer
Force and Vibration Monitoring Equipment
Vision Gauging Equipment

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