Technology Briefs


Forming Tooling Life Issues

Utilize the full life of your tool and prevent early failure
Are you seeing cracking, peeling, aggressive die wear or other issues causing early failure of your cold forming tooling? The MMRI can help by diagnosing the root causes in eary failure of costly cold forming tools by applying our years of materials and tooling research, combined with state-of-the-art research equipment.

Incoming Material and Tooling Quality

Identify issues before they show up in production
The MMRI can analyze incoming material and tooling to ensure they are meeting quality and spec. requirements. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and apply our years of research-based knowledge and expertise to diagnose issues.

Machinability Studies

Accelerate process development by understanding machinability during planning stages
Are you developing a new process, anticipating new materials in next generation parts, or experiencing machinability issues in current production? Understanding the machinability of a material in the process planning stages can help accurately estimate process capacity requirements, eliminate unexpected bottlenecks, and prevent surprises in new processes. The MMRI can help by performing machinability studies.

Process Parameter Optimization

Avoid costly new machines by maximizing the capacity of your existing machines first
Looking for improved cycle times to meet capacity demands, or to reduce per-part-cost? Experiencing chip/swarf management or vibration issues in your process? The MMRI can help you meet these challenges by performing analysis and testing at the MMRI lab to recommend optimal feeds and speeds which meet your production and part specifications.

Swarf Management

Eliminate chip management issues through a research-based approach
Are you having issues in your process with swarf management: long stringy chips which won't break, wrapping around tools and interfering with cutting? The MMRI can help by applying our detailed technical understanding of chip formation and the factors which affect length, thickness, curl and breaking of chips and swarf formed in metal cutting.

Tool Selection and Development

Reduce unexpected issues in production by selecting the best tool for your process
Planning tooling for a new process or trying to improve performance of an existing ones? The MMRI through advanced research in cutting tools, coatings and processes, can help in selecting and developing tooling for your processes.

Material Analysis

The MMRI has extensive analysis capabilities and can provide impartial 3rd party analysis of your material, parts, or tooling for internal, supplier or customer needs.